Walter Reinl
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Walter Reinl is a partner based in Zurich and leads the Insurance and Asset Management practice in Switzerland. Walter has extensive expertise in corporate development, acquisition integration, and market entry strategies across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Also, he has published several papers on the Life insurance industry.

Insurers are excellent at adapting. But every now and then, a company must chart its own course and start doing things differently. That’s when I like to get involved.

Walter began working as a consultant in London. After his MBA, he moved to Moscow and, in 2008, transferred to Zurich. Before making partner, he spent three years setting up and leading the strategy function at one of the world’s largest insurance and asset management groups. Walter holds a BA from Cambridge and an agricultural engineering degree from the Technical University of Munich.

Besides work, Walter loves spending time with his family at the Lake of Zurich or roaming the Swiss mountains.