Vivian Tarr
Actuarial Analyst
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As an analyst in the Property and Casualty Practice, Vivian focuses on learning the ins and outs of consulting and working with clients. Her work is influenced by the substantial LGBTQ+ presence in her family and life, helping her ensure that everyone she works with is comfortable. This approach to life is as important to Vivian as the work ethic, and this balance is the most important professional experience for her.

My background coming from a small town in the corn fields before coming out as queer and moving to larger cities has helped me learn about the different types of people and ideologies that I can come across on any given day.

Vivian’s family adopted four little kids when she was still in high school, and had many more come to their family home through foster care. Seeing the lives of these different children drives Vivian to try to make sure that the world is a slightly better place for each person she meets and works with.

Outside of Oliver Wyman, Vivian’s focus is on helping young LGBTQ+ kids find their footing in the world. Having lost many trans and queer friends to homelessness and suicide, she hopes to be a positive influence and role model for young LGBTQ+ people.