Vivek Sen

Partner - Digital, Technology and Analytics
Based in New York, Vivek works with financial institutions to execute complex, enterprise-wide transformations in areas such as process automation, digitization, cost management, and technology modernization.

 His role calls for a deep understanding of business, operations and technology, combined with experience in organizational effectiveness and change management.  

My job is not to be the smartest person in the room, but to listen, absorb, and draw on a wide range of experiences to support clients in addressing their unique challenges.

Very early in his career, Vivek had a chance to test a series of operational changes in a real bank branch with real customers, which were then rolled out across numerous countries. The experience was a pivotal one for him: “It made me realize the importance of keeping my eye on the problem, of not giving in to an ‘easy answer’, and of always thinking about how to turn any recommendation on paper into real results.” More importantly, it taught Vivek the importance that culture change plays in effecting true transformation, something that goes well beyond the dollars and cents gained or saved.

Looking ahead, Vivek is inspired by the opportunities that digitization provides to financial institutions. While dramatic efficiency and revenue gains are available, he also sees this as a source of unprecedented challenge for the industry.

The biggest issue that I grapple with is the massive impact of technology on workforces across industries. The impact on people. The amount of re-skilling needed. The reconfiguration of organizations and the new ways of working being introduced. Managing this level of change with empathy and pragmatism is the single biggest challenge our clients face.