Vanessa Kranenburg
Market Development Manager
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Vanessa is the market development and office manager for our Amsterdam office.

With her strong work ethic and attention to detail, she manages business development and contributes to the continued growth of the firm in the Netherlands. Since joining the Amsterdam branch in 2014, Vanessa has witnessed the team grow from seven to more than 80 employees.

One of the most significant achievements in my career at Oliver Wyman was co-leading the office moving project. Through collaborative efforts with the architects, we designed and delivered an exceptional office space that continually receives praise from colleagues and clients

Her ability to adapt to changing situations, and willingness to take on challenges, has been instrumental in her success at the company. Vanessa's commitment to excellence is reflected in her leadership of the local support team, where she has built and managed a high-performing team resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness in the support function.

Outside of work, Vanessa enjoys indulging her passions for sports, fine dining, and interior design, showcasing her creativity beyond her professional life.