Tom Arthur
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Tom Arthur is a Principal in Oliver Wyman’s Finance And Risk practice, based in Sydney, Australia. Tom has over a decade of experience working with financial institutions in Australia and Asia on risk and compliance projects. Tom’s work has most often focused on designing and implementing enterprise-wide stress-testing programs.

I trained as an engineer which gave me a solid foundation in structured problem solving and then I put this into practice working for eight years in risk management at a bank. This has set me up for a career in consulting because strong problem solving skills and the ability to learn fast and work with diverse teams to implement practical solutions to our client’s biggest problems are key.

Prior to Oliver Wyman, Tom worked as a Senior Risk Manager for one of the leading Australian banks. Tom was accountable for assessing the group’s aggregate risk profile against the group’s risk appetite and communicating the profile as well as required action to the senior managers from the 1st and 2nd lines of defense.

Consulting is an incredibly challenging, but equally rewarding career. To get the most out of it, you need to be open to opportunity and experience and willing to constantly work to build knowledge and improve your skills. Ultimately you get out what you put in – there are few career paths that will give you the breadth of experience and the opportunity to rise as quickly as consulting.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Commerce from The University of Sydney.