Timmo Freudl Gierke
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Timmo is a Berlin-based Partner who leads our Digital practice’s EMEA engineering team. A software engineer by education, and an architect for more than a decade, his role focuses on partnering with clients to design and build innovative solutions. As a leader, his mission is to ensure that our technical teams have the right tools and know-how to tackle their toughest assignments.

In projects, technology is important, but good communication is critical. The business must lead by asking the right questions. I’m a huge fan of using ubiquitous language to avoid ambiguity and to be sure everyone understands their part.

From dealing with legacy systems, to cloud migrations and building greenfield ventures, Timmo’s work spans a broad range of industries. He views his career as a continuous learning journey for both himself and those around him, with peer feedback sessions and team retrospective meetings playing an important place in his day.

For the last few years, he has organized and taken part in many industry meetups, seminars, and conferences.

Sharing knowledge across businesses, communities, and industries is way more powerful than tackling problems in isolation. When all the companies in the room are there not to make money but to exchange ideas, this is what drives progress

Outside of work, Timmo seeks beauty, tension and stories through shapes and colours in photography and urban sketching.

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