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Steve Walsh
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A Partner in Oliver Wyman's Dallas office, Steve is an expert in business transformations and restructuring. He has deep expertise in developing business strategies and deploying operational plans that drive significant improvements in results, and transforming underperforming assets and business units into best-in-class performance.

Achieving impact requires a common goal that is shared by a company’s leadership and communicated effectively to the organization. Most plans succeed or fail based on the quality of the execution.

Steve has worked extensively with transportation companies and food companies, focusing on areas including operational transformation, cost reduction, organizational design and effectiveness, supplier management and performance, and overall program assurance.

Working closely with company management teams allows Steve to ensure cross-functional alignment across the organization. Having worked as both a senior advisor and an industry leader, he deeply understands his clients’ perspectives, their drive for results, and the opportunities and challenges they face.

Steve has traveled the world for both business and pleasure, but now spends most of his time in Dallas with his wife and three kids. Originally from Toronto, he plays hockey whenever he can, and loves nature and the outdoors.