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Stephen Whitehouse
Partner, Head of Payments, Climate and Sustainability
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Stephen is an ex-rocket scientist, but what he is proud of most is being the father of three teenagers. And when he’s not busy ferrying them around, he is a Partner in Retail and Business Banking, and Head of the Oliver Wyman Payments platform in Europe.

Stephen works with CEOs, boards, and executives on growth, customer, digital, climate, and business transformations. His clients include global payment businesses, major banks, digital giants, and leading retailers. He has worked with them across six continents. Stephen is the recipient of several consulting awards, an author of many thought-leadership topics, and a regular speaker and panelist at industry conferences.

It’s a misconception amongst many leadership teams that growth depends on a set of factors out of their control – market forces, competitive pressures, customer sentiments, or simply good fortune. I believe that almost every business can achieve sustainable growth with the right leadership.

Before Oliver Wyman, Stephen was a senior partner at another leading management consulting firm. He also has held senior executive positions at Barclaycard and Barclays, where he won several innovation awards (including the UK’s first commercial contactless mobile payments).

Stephen was a scholar at Oxford University, where he earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in mathematics, and taught for several years.

Experience has taught me that the probability of achieving profitable growth is increased whenever a business has a clear strategy and strong execution capabilities. Conversely, one without the other severely reduces any likelihood of success.