Soeren Juckenack
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Colleagues come to Soeren when they have tough problems that require advanced analytical solutions. He is known for being able to derive meaningful insights from complex data sets and ultimately provide clients with compelling automotive insights. He is a great resource for companies aiming to increase efficiency in their operations and trying to navigate their way into the digital future. 

Huge transformations in consumer trends, electrification, software and more are taking place across the automotive industry, and it is imperative for companies to adapt quickly to remain competitive.

Aside from his expertise in advanced analytics, Soeren also supports asset building, strategy development and value chain management. He is proud to have worked on projects with huge impact on car parks around the world and has helped save jobs in client organizations.

In consulting, it is crucial to remember that even against all odds, changing the status quo is possible – but it will take time, thought and persistence.

Soeren is a father of two and has made work and family the core priorities in his life. With stays at UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara) and École Polytechnique in Paris he gained his diplomas as Dipl. Ing. and Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. at RTWH Aachen.