Simone Korrel
Senior Consultant
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Simone joined Oliver Wyman’s Amsterdam office after completing her master’s degrees in finance and neuroeconomics. The latter combines the disciplines of neuroscience, psychology, and economics. Her unique background has allowed her to quickly gain a thorough understanding of the nuanced processes that go into business decision making.

I’m passionate about understanding what goes on in the human brain. In the end, in all businesses there are human brains that make economic decisions, which can make or break businesses.

Many of Simone’s projects have been intersectional. Recent examples include a commercial real estate business grappling with the decrease in traffic to shopping centers as much of retail shifts to online, and a supplier in the automotive industry investigating the climate stakeholder landscape as it aims to become carbon neutral.

Early on in her career, Simone has been exposed to the myriad of economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal, and technological challenges that many businesses face. 

I’m inspired by companies that go one step further, and instead of just dealing with challenges, transform them into opportunities, which makes them stand apart.