Sian Townson
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Sian is a Director in Data and Analytics, a specialist division of Oliver Wyman’s Digital practice. She has over 20 years of experience in modelling and validation, specialising in machine learning. Sian has led a number of large-scale model build and validation projects, and is particularly in demand for advanced machine learning validation, and addressing bias and fairness.

The hard part about prediction is when it’s about the future. It’s not enough for models to be accurate at replicating our old, historic data, they need to be useful.

Sian also delivers advanced data and analytics training, helping organisations transform their workforce. She tests her ability to optimize concept retention by competing with both her cat and dog for client attention on Zoom. She’s also a passionate activist in inclusion and diversity, parent, international showjumper, half-marathon runner and trainee pilot. She arrived in the UK in the mid-80s and has now felt cold for more than 30 years.

It’s never a choice between developing the people and achieving the project aims, that answer is always both. Good people make for successful outcomes.