Sebastian Hillebrand
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Sebastian is a Berlin-based Director in 8works, Oliver Wyman’s People-Led Change Capability. He leads the firm’s specialist co-creation capability within Oliver Wyman Germany, helping clients design, activate, and embed change by blending expert knowledge with co-creation techniques.

People support what they helped create. My work is about getting the right experts together to jointly tackle complex issues and co-create great solutions that they fully own.

Sebastian originally started his career as a ‘traditional’ strategy consultant before shifting his focus to co-creation, collaboration, and design thinking approaches. For the past 15 years, he has been specializing in accelerating complex strategy transformation and innovation projects that require the expertise, active engagement, and buy-in of diverse groups of stakeholders and experts. This is often done through bespoke events, (virtual) design centers, and tailored communication.

We should embrace, not fear complexity. It will not go away - it is part of how the world ticks – and approached in the right way it can be the basis for exciting new ideas and solutions.