Sebastian Bohle
Managing Designer
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Sebastian is a Berlin-based Managing Designer in 8works, a division of Oliver Wyman that specializes in co-creation and design thinking. His role is to support people-led change and transformation projects, bringing together expertise from all across our firm.

People-led change is a fascinating and, often eclectic, mix of strategy, agility, and working with teams to understand what drives their sense of purpose. No two client journeys or cultures are ever the same!

Part of Sebastian’s work involves designing and facilitating events in close collaboration with clients, in areas such as change activation and strategic transformation. From banking, to logistics and utilities, his work has given him valuable insights into a broad range of industries. One key element of such programs is communication, and over the years Sebastian has helped clients with initiatives such as improving their conversational communication strategy, or how they communicate in a crisis situation.

My background is in the digital space, largely with agile delivery and transformation. This has taught me valuable skills in coaching and teaming that have proven to be highly applicable in business contexts as well.

Sebastian draws inspiration both from the quiet of nature, where he enjoys exploring the rivers and lakes surrounding Berlin, and the local arts and creative scene.