Scott Rees
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When people ask me what I do, I like to say that corporations have a car deductible just like you, but their deductible might happen to be $500,000 as opposed to $500.

Clients such as risk managers and corporate finance employees ask Scott for assistance with collateral negotiations, allocating insurance costs to different organization segments, and actuarial technical pricing (to help determine the best return on premium/coverage options). He also helps them figure out how much money they will need to settle all their workers' compensation, automobile liability, general liability, and/or product liability claims.

A fairly new issue for a lot of clients is labor shortages and increases in employee salaries, with concerns about how this will affect workers' compensation benefits, the likelihood of employees filing for claims, and overall insurance cost. Our analytical tools can help clients track trends over time and help identify potential areas of concern.

Scott's number one advice for people entering the industry is to learn to code in various types of programming languages: the more the better. After that, practice communication skills: from public speaking to large groups, small group participation, one-on-one conversations, to effective emailing. 

In his free time, Scott enjoys watching football and other team sports, professional wrestling, and sprint car racing, or watching superhero/animated movies. Scott's daughter Kayla is an athlete in Special Olympics: she inspired his ambition for the future to raise Down syndrome awareness and help out charities in the area.