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Riccardo Soddu
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Riccardo is a principal in our Public Sector and Financial Services Practice.

He strongly believes that innovative and evidence-based policy making can help shape industries and improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.

His focus areas include government policies for sectoral and regional support, innovation, housing, and investment attraction. Since joining Oliver Wyman, he has worked with several public authorities (ministries, public agencies, regulators) and development finance institutions across more than 15 countries within the EMEA region. 

I have realized, over time, that very few jobs can compare to the impact we can have at Oliver Wyman

Riccardo values listening as a key skill for consulting. He believes that listening helps him understand his clients’ challenges and empathize with them. It also creates a safe space for his colleagues to learn, work, and give their best.

Throughout his time with Oliver Wyman, Riccardo has been amazed by the positive impact that our public sector projects can have on communities and societies. He advises those entering this industry to keep an open mind as well, and explore the different ways they can make a difference.

Riccardo loves reading and considers books his escape and source of inspiration. He also co-founded a global book club with his university friends from different parts of the world. Through this club, they transcend geographical boundaries and exchange diverse perspectives on literary works from various cultures, genres, and time periods.