Ramandeep Nagi
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Raman is a Principal with Oliver Wyman’s Actuarial practice based in Seattle, WA. He specializes in planning and executing actuarial transformations and helping clients create automated actuarial and data processes that are scalable, flexible, and resilient.

Raman currently leads teams that are helping clients transform their end-to-end actuarial processes onto a modern tech stack such as Python, Databricks, Alteryx, SQL, dbt, Power BI, and cloud implementations on Azure, and AWS. These actuarial processes include pre-model, post-model reporting, models, assumptions management, experience studies, data pipelines, and management dashboards.

His experience also includes assisting major US insurers to develop their actuarial transformation strategy, create implementation roadmaps, select the ideal toolkit, and acting as a conduit between actuarial, finance, and IT functions, aiding in both technical and project management capacity.

My favorite hobby as a kid was to disassemble toy cars and rebuild them with bigger batteries, better wheels and fan propulsion to make them go faster and further. My current role as part actuary, part technologist is a continuation of what I have always enjoyed doing as a kid: diagnosing and solving problems, and making things better.

Raman is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, and a Council member of the SOA’s Technology Section. He frequently speaks at SOA conferences on technology topics covering data, processes improvements and modeling.