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Pierre Romagny
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A Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Retail and Business Banking practice, Pierre specializes in digital transformation, front to back organization-wide transformation, disruptive strategies, new business models support, efficiency boosts, and ecosystem strategies and builds. 

It was upon landing a banking job in South Africa in the early 2000s that Pierre became enthralled with the “thrilling dynamics” of the financial sector. Prior to Oliver Wyman, he worked for a British multinational bank, the International Labour Organisation, and the French cooperation in Southern Africa.

In a world of blurring lines between industries and sectors, our clients are seeking competitive differentiation now more than ever to win in and beyond their traditional space.

Pierre has always been “dangerously attracted” to highly interactive and challenging work – from supporting national social agendas at the UN, to heading the transformation of a global bank and traveling across the four corners of Africa as a consultant. “It’s the people I’ve met and the challenges I’ve faced over the past two decades in Africa that have made me who I am today,” he says.

He’s been able to see real impact from these challenges and successes. “Beyond clear business impact, our work has regularly built strong teamwork, cohesion and triggered a new hunger for change, all through our infectious culture of inclusion, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.”

Pierre graduated from Sussex University with a BA in Economics with Development Studies and from Reading University with an MSc in Development Project: Management and Implementation. Outside of the consulting world, Pierre is striving to become an expert at fixing up his old car himself.