Philipp Mettenheimer
Partner, Finance and Risk, Climate and Sustainability
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Philipp is a Partner in Oliver Wyman's Finance and Risk Practice in our Barcelona office. He has extensive experience in advising leading financial institutions in Europe and Africa, and works on a wide range of risk topics including risk governance, strategy, and appetite, as well as risk processes, and measurement.

Finance and Risk managers at leading European banks seek Philipp's advice on strategic challenges related to sustainability and climate change, in particular with regards to EU regulatory requirements. He helps banks to fully identify risks, measure them pragmatically, and manage them in a structured way. Typical areas of his work include strategic assessment of external requirements (ECB, EBA, European Commission, rating agencies, investors), resource-efficient responses to them, and proactively leaving some room to maneuver.

Philipp's clients often praise his ability to put their interests first, to ask the right questions in order not to lose sight of the goal, and to build consensus through his diplomatic skills.

Philipp believes that his unusual childhood and academic background are the secret behind his unique skillset. When he was a child, his parents worked abroad, which meant he learned early on about the cultural differences between the UK, Germany, Mexico, and the US. His studies in philosophy, mathematics, and business administration have given him a unique ability to mediate between different perspectives on the world.

One of Philipp's favorite quotes are the words of William of Ockham: "Entities should not be multiplied without necessity."

Philipp lives with his wife in Barcelona.

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