Paul Le Manh
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Paul is a principal in Oliver Wyman's payments platform in Paris, specializing in interbanking schemes, networks, and market infrastructures. With a strong scientific background and a deep interest in the history of money, currencies, and payment systems, Paul brings a unique perspective to his work.

At Oliver Wyman, Paul actively contributes to pan-European initiatives involving both the public and private sectors, aimed at reshaping the future of payments. This experience has fueled his passion for exploring the intersection of finance, technology, and their societal impact.

Explore the fascinating history of money and payments, shape your beliefs, identify opportunities for innovation and transform the financial services industry

Paul is an expert in payments and digital currencies at Oliver Wyman. He assists clients in building the future of payments, providing expertise in the European payments sector. He has been involved in major industry-shaping projects in both the public and private sectors. As a trusted advisor, he helps clients design payment systems, develop strategic plans, and navigate regulatory changes and technological advancements.

He holds a Master's degree in Engineering (Signal Processing) from Telecom Paris and a Master's in Management from the London School of Economics.

Outside of work, music is Paul's greatest passion. He plays bass and guitar in various projects, including a funk jazz band in Paris. He has collaborated with Slow Jane, a talented folk composer, singer, and guitarist. Paul also enjoys mixing electronic music at festivals, bars, and clubs. Music is a constant source of inspiration and fulfillment for him, allowing him to express himself creatively and bring joy to those around him.