Pankaj Khanna
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Pankaj is a London-based Partner in our Digital and Finance and Risk practices. He specializes in leading large programs of work across risk and finance, where he helps clients make better decisions around their data capabilities, processes, methodologies, and systems. From building data management frameworks, to improving stress testing and reporting, throughout his career Pankaj has partnered with many institutions, significantly in financial services, to devise and implement innovative solutions that allow them to retain a competitive advantage and address regulatory asks.

In today’s world, there is both increased risk and opportunity ahead for companies. We show them that by selecting right technology path and approach, they can work efficiently with regulators, serve their customers better, and prosper, even if the world around them is evolving very fast.

Pankaj did his post graduate study across University College London and  London Business School. He has six years of research and teaching experience in Monte-Carlo methods, modelling, development and analysis of complex systems as a Research Fellow in the Computer Science department at University College London where he continues to hold an Honorary Research Associate position.

I have always been fascinated by complex problems and ‘familiar’ problems in complex or unconventional settings – working with teams to find lasting solutions across people, process, data, and technology dimensions continues to drive me. I always tell my clients that despite the feeling of growing uncertainty with today’s business challenges, having the right tools, people-skills, and a culture of innovation in their organization is the best way to seize the day.