Michelle Faust
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I grew up in a family full of healthcare workers, so being a healthcare actuary was a natural fit for me. Aside from giving me a leg up on the jargon of the healthcare field, my background has provided me with a fuller understanding of all the stakeholders in the healthcare field, which helps me develop solutions that consider the impact on all involved parties.

Michelle helps clients understand their business on a deeper, more technical level and find creative solutions to problems that bottleneck their growth. She translates technical analysis of their data to real-world implications in order to pinpoint problem areas and develop plans for resolution. Seeing how the impact of COVID-19 continues to be a challenge for clients as businesses acclimate to the ever-changing nature of the world, Michelle uses it as an opportunity to analyze systems that proved unsuccessful in dealing with a pandemic in order to implement more productive and efficient systems for the future.

My work not only impacts my clients and their business but also individuals who purchase health insurance coverage. By improving the business of my clients, I am improving the lives of individuals insured by those businesses.

Michelle loves to read because it opens up new worlds where you can immerse yourself and ultimately learn new things about yourself. Reading gives you perspectives you would otherwise not have and makes you consider situations and choices that you might never encounter in real life. She also enjoys spending time outside with my family and two dogs. Watching the joy the dogs have from just being outside reminds her to slow down and enjoy each day, and appreciate the time I have with those we care about.