Michael Khan
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Michael, who is based in London, has more than a decade of experience consulting on aviation and travel across Europe, the Middle East, and North America. It’s work that he’s been passionate about from the get-go. 

“My very first project in aviation more than a decade ago was a personal turning point for me – at that point I realized I could combine a passion with ‘work,’” he says. “I feel genuinely lucky that my job lets me serve an industry I love.” 

Clients turn to him to solve their toughest strategic, commercial, and operational challenges – issues that require more than just a fancy PowerPoint presentation. “For an airline, for example, this could be to define their business model, optimize their product offer and pricing, or boost their on-time performance,” says Michael.  

People seek me out for experience and ideas that don’t just look good in a PowerPoint deck, but that drive material impact for their business and their people

In addition to his role in the Transportation and Services and Pricing, Sales and Marketing practices, Michael also serves as the Recruiting Partner for the firm in the UK, a position he takes pride in and is committed to driving forward. His advice to new recruits:  Do the things you love. “Try to figure out what you’re truly passionate about and follow that path. Life is too short – and days can be too long – to do something you don’t love,” he says. 

As far as ambitions after or outside the firm go, Michael would someday like to follow a Formula One season around the globe. But, he adds: “This particular dream may have to wait a while!”