Mei Shibata
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Mei is a partner in our Energy and Natural Resources Practice.

She has had a remarkable career journey, starting at Oliver Wyman in 1995 as a financial services consultant, where she focused on risk management and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) projects. Over time, Mei has transitioned to working at the forefront of the energy transition, climate technologies, and utility innovations.

Among her accomplishments in the energy sector is successfully launching three electric vehicle (EV) and electrification programs across the United States. She accomplished this by collaborating with various state agencies and their utilities. Mei has also led multiple transition efforts for utilities, including setting and communicating net-zero goals and obtaining community endorsement and utility commission approval for new Integrated Resource Plans.

Additionally, Mei has played a crucial role in supporting more than 50 climate tech startups as a longstanding New York State Entrepreneur in Residence. Her expertise has helped these startups reach their next technical and commercial milestones.

To successfully scale climate technologies, you need to bookend your approach. Map out a clear and ambitious strategy while simultaneously focusing on practical and actionable tactics. The tension and feedback between the two ends ultimately shape your road map for success

Before rejoining Oliver Wyman, Mei embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, where she successfully started and scaled two climate tech companies over a span of 15 years. One of her ventures focused on developing an Internet of Things energy-efficiency hardware and software platform, while the other specialized in clean tech marketing and innovation consulting. Mei's entrepreneurial endeavors have been recognized with co-authorship of four patents, more than 30 marketing awards, and the distinction of being named a Top 10 Energy Entrepreneur in New York.

In addition, energy clients seek Mei out for her ability to think big and holistically. Mei's diverse background allows her to bring a comprehensive and holistic perspective to her work. She has gained valuable experience from various angles, including working on research and development licensing and worldwide marketing opportunities at Pfizer, serving as an equity research analyst covering large-cap med-tech companies at Smith Barney, and holding strategic roles at ad agencies Havas and Interbrand.

Mei holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, a MS in Medical Engineering from the Harvard/MIT HST Program, and a BA in Physics from Harvard College. Her multidisciplinary education equips her with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the complex challenges in the energy sector. In her down time, Mei enjoys spending as much time as possible on the water, engaging in activities such as sailing, diving, and snorkeling.