Massimo Castaldo
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Massimo is a Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Finance and Risk practice, based in Rome. He has led multiple advanced internal rating based migration programs for leading European Banking Groups, designing and implementing Probability of Default, Loss Given Default and Exposure at Default models for capital calculation purposes. With international market experience, an advanced understanding of future industry trends, and a detail-oriented approach, Massimo enables clients to achieve successful results in a competitive and complex industry.  

I help clients develop advanced strategies and best-in-class solutions to manage the different forms of risk they face today and will face in the future, ensuring their correct evaluation and subsequent appropriate mitigation.

His advanced degree in statistics and economics, MBA from MIT, and multi-year experience working internationally have provided Massimo with the combination of skills needed to learn different working styles and approaches to achieve outstanding results. “My background allows me to work globally in the risk management field, finding the best customized solutions for my clients, helping them solve their fundamental problems and strategically look at the future,” says Massimo.

The past 15 years have brought extraordinary changes in banking and financial services, a trend that shows no signs of letting up, notes Massimo. “Risk management is in continuous evolution: regulation is incessantly renewed, methodologies are restlessly innovated, and the new spectrum of data available allows for the exploration of revolutionary risk management approaches,” he says. “Institutions will have to quickly evolve their strategies and invest significantly in innovation to continue being successful in the new competitive arena.”

At the same time, this presents an exciting and intellectually challenging landscape for people just entering risk management. “Study the history of the risk management discipline, acquire the technical skill set, and learn from people with experience,” he advises. “Then invest time to understand where the industry is evolving and how you can use your background to contribute now and in the future.”