Mariane ter Veen
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Mariane is a director at Innopay, a business of Oliver Wyman focused on digital transactions.

She has more than 25 years’ experience in the data sharing realm, including strategy development and project management, as both an external consultant and a program manager. She is specialized in helping organizations throughout Europe to create value and drive revenue by sharing data in a secure, seamless, and trust-based manner. After defining a clear business model and developing the strategy, she ensures the successful roll-out of tangible use cases based on sound program management.

Her skills at building collaboration between a complex and diverse mix of stakeholders enable her to co-create new ecosystems as the basis for harnessing the full potential of the digital transactions era. In addition, thanks to her knowledge of European data regulations, she has a thorough understanding of the data-sharing challenges.

Digital sustainability is about fostering the much-needed trust that enables you to unlock the power of data sharing

Mariane’s achievements include contributing to data-sharing schemes based upon the principles of digital sustainability for the public services, transport and logistics, and construction sectors in the Netherlands. She is widely recognized as a data sharing expert and is a well-known international speaker on the topic of digital sustainability.

She holds a master’s in artificial intelligence from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Before joining Innopay in 2018, Mariane worked as an internal and external consultant for corporates, and held positions at various public-sector organizations, including several Dutch ministries and industry associations.

Mariane lives with her husband and two sons in Amsterdam and likes to spend as much of her free time as possible with her family. Besides that, she loves cultural activities and proudly holds her international qualification as a gemmologist.