Madalina Gavrila
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Madalina is a principal, based in Oliver Wyman’s Munich office.

With a strong technical background in industrial engineering and a genuine passion for operational excellence, Madalina specializes in driving performance transformations across supply chain, procurement, and production.

Over the past years, Madalina has provided strategic guidance to a diverse portfolio of clients spanning the automotive and manufacturing sector, retail, financial services, and private equity funds. Her expertise encompasses performance enhancement, the design and implementation of operating models, and the critical aspects of risk management and resilience.

She has played a pivotal role in collaborating with automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers to manage shortages and ensure supply continuity. Whether addressing challenges related to semiconductor, passive component, or raw material supply, or navigating the complex terrain of the global COVID-19 pandemic and international political instability, she has partnered closely with her clients to minimize production interruptions and empower them with the tools and processes needed to enhance resilience.

We are living in times of profound change, where disruptions are no longer singular, rare events. Accepting this new reality means organizations need to be resilient enough to minimize the impact of the next big challenge

Madalina holds a Master of Science degree in Operations Management and Logistics from Eindhoven University of Technology, complemented by a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Darmstadt. She is proficient in English, German, Romanian, and Spanish.

Outside of work, Madalina enjoys traveling, immersing herself in local culture, exploring galleries, and discovering the latest art installations. She is also a dedicated sports enthusiast, engaging in activities such as spinning, skiing, diving, and surfing.