Luigi De Sanctis
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Luigi is a partner in Oliver Wyman’s Finance and Risk Practice. He also leads the Credit Risk Service Line in Europe.

His work focuses on capital optimization, advanced internal rating-based migration programs, and redesigning and implementing new credit processes using artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

He believes that banks need to innovate and become more agile in order to thrive in a competitive, complex, and regulated environment.

We bring a fresh perspective and unconventional thinking to clients, helping them achieve a financial impact, improve how they work as a team, and grow

To professionals considering a career in consulting, Luigi advises choosing what you are most passionate about, rather than being tactical.

In his personal life, he focuses on being a good father, having fun with family and friends, playing guitar, learning how to play the piano, and skiing.

He holds a Laurea degree in Physics from the University of Rome La Sapienza and an MBA from INSEAD.