Kent Valentine
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Kent is a commercial specialist in our digital practice, where he brings teams together to solve our clients’ toughest challenges. From building digital banks, to finding new ways to combat fraud, and helping countries kickstart their national digital strategies, his work involves designing and facilitating digital co-creation sessions for clients to scope problems and build innovative solutions.

Designing and building digital systems can solve business challenges in the abstract, but to have real impact, you really need to figure out the people angle. Whether they are stakeholders, customers, users, or administrators, it's only by understanding the pains and needs of the people involved that you can focus on what is going to really drive lasting transformation.

Kent has been involved in the design and delivery of digital ecosystems since 2002. His early career was in digital agencies as a producer, client service director, and then managing director, solving problems for both clients and then eventually the agencies themselves. Over the years he has increasingly focused on how to get teams to align around their goals and prioritize the actions that will deliver them the most value. He's written and spoken about digital strategy and co-creation, particularly within professional services.

Great solutions require starting with the the widest perspective possible, and then narrowing it down. It’s really important to incorporate more inclusive and diverse collaboration opportunities right from the outset, as this deepens our understanding of the obstacles and means we can design solutions that work better for everyone.