Jim Sokol
Senior Advisor
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Jim brings 40+ years of experience in the industry as a Senior Advisor to Oliver Wyman’s Transportation practice. Sought out for his diverse operational background, established relationships across industry and global operations, and proven impact, he helps clients to simplify results, improve clarity, measure the necessary outputs, and drive required change.  

Successful companies will require clarity with sustainability, decarbonization, and growth earnings that come from resilience and innovation. Technology will continue to distinguish leading companies.

Most of his career and education have evolved around maintenance operations. Having worked in different capacities to support initiatives to improve safety and performance, he has numerous best practices to share across broader groups.

While working as a frontline employee, Jim’s desire to influence change became a path through progressive leadership roles. One of his longer-term goals is to continue to actively influence positive change and share his experiences across teams. He’s proud to lead in an organization that provides opportunity to grow businesses and add value. 

My energy comes from providing value with people that transfers into families and communities. The results of a positive outlook and meaningful purpose help prevail through all aspects of life challenges.

A strong believer that leadership predicates all outcomes, Jim’s watershed moments have been most apparent when they’ve involved people. His most rewarding experiences have come from empowering employee potential to achieve a required goal and win.

Outside of work, Jim has been married to his wife Michelle, who he met at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, since 1984. They have a son named Preston who served 6 years within the US Navy as an enlisted tech assigned to VAW-113 Black Eagles Squadron onboard CVN-70, Carl Vinson aircraft carrier. They live in Chicago and enjoy bicycling, travel, and golf.