Jay Korman
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Jay is a partner in our Transportation and Services Practice, based in Washington DC.

With nearly 30 years of experience in aerospace, defense, and government (ADG) markets, Jay has helped global financial and industrial firms solidify their positioning and grow key business lines. He has expertise within existing markets, targeting new customer segments, benchmarking internal capabilities against competitive offerings, and identifying candidates for acquisition.

My interest in national security was sparked at an early age when I learned about my family’s emigration from the Persian Gulf and Middle East. This was made possible, in part, thanks to US material assistance. In fact, my mother flew on a US military transport plane long before I ever had the privilege of doing so

Jay is a respected and trusted voice in the industry and has advised leaders on both business transformations and their personal growth. He finds great satisfaction in mentoring newcomers to the field and helping experienced executives navigate organizational challenges and overcome obstacles. This is evident in his role as a board member and advisor to Sayres & Associates in Washington DC, and Secure City Solutions in Ottawa.

Outside of work, Jay enjoys court-based activities including racquetball, squash, and handball. Pickleball is next on his list. Off court, he loves travelling with his wife and two children.