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James Uther
Senior Lead Engineer
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James is a Senior Engineering Lead in the Digital Practice where he specializes in leading solutions to the most complex technical challenges. With over 25 years of technical and leadership experience across industries, technologies, and cultures, he is able to offer valuable insights to clients. 

There are many layers to performant software systems. The right path depends very much on the situation. Sometimes we optimize the software itself or assist in cloud migration, and sometimes we help software organizations to increase their performance through culture and process insights.

Among the projects James has worked on at Oliver Wyman, he helped an insurer improve their data engineering culture to be able to collaborate better with data scientists, and massively improved the performance of a financial software project.

It’s easy to fall into technology cargo cults and misapply technical and organizational trends. It takes the experience gained by using a wide variety of tools in many disparate situations to be able to quickly identify how best to use the resources you have for your project.

James arrived in the UK from Australia many years ago, via a detour for a few years in Finland. He can often be found wandering the hills of some random wilderness, or helping his son with redstone machines in Minecraft. He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Sydney.