James Dunlop
Engagement Manager
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James, an engagement manager in our Amsterdam office, works in the Private Capital Practice.

In this role he supports clients across the transaction lifecycle, from pre-deal to post-deal transformation. James has worked on various industry projects across the globe and industries. Most recently, he has focused on industries affected by the energy transition, such as transportation, bioenergy, and infrastructure. He and his team work to get to the bottom of the trends revolutionizing these industries, and uncover the overlooked value levers for their clients.

People often overestimate how much change will happen in the next five years, but underestimate how much change needs to happen within the next 10. There’s a great opportunity for those who can get ahead of the curve

For James, the best part of the job is how much he learns every day. He says Oliver Wyman exposes him to experts in every field, allowing him to see a problem in a new light, giving him the energy to keep going to the next level.

He joined Oliver Wyman after working in the third sector in the UK and completing his master’s degree from the University of Leiden.

When not working, James enjoys growing plants in his Amsterdam apartment garden, or escaping the city to relax in nature.