Ivan Shapochkin
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Ivan, a principal at Oliver Wyman’s Dubai office, focuses on the Sports and Entertainment sector in the Middle East within the Government and Public Institutions Practice.

Since joining the firm in 2013, Ivan has been helping global businesses, investment institutions and government bodies across the UK, EU, APAC, Russia and CIS, and the Middle East to define growth strategies, achieve maximum returns from their investments, and drive large-scale transformations.

He firmly believes that the most impactful outcomes and enduring strategic relationships emerge from a blend of a meritocratic and collaborative team environment, deep content specialization, and a relentless pursuit of breakthroughs that go beyond conventional project approaches.

I’m captivated by the three-fold strategic challenge that leaders within the sports and entertainment industry face: navigating complex business landscapes, maximizing talent performance on the pitch and beyond, and building strong, lasting relationships with fans and customers

Standing at the intersection of multiple facets of the sports and entertainment industry, Ivan collaborates with policymakers and regulatory bodies, investment funds, organizing committees, destinations, and leading sports clubs and teams. His specializations include sector enablement and regulation, sports asset acquisition and growth strategies, mega-event feasibility studies and preparation support, and infrastructure strategies, among other topics.

Ivan's passion for sports stems from his competitive snowboarding background and enthusiasm for big mountains, highlighted by his ascents of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. He frequently parallels sports and consulting, emphasizing the importance of diligent preparation for key events, execution of complex elements with creativity and style, as well as the vital role of teamwork and coordinated leadership in challenging situations.