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Helen Leis
Partner and Head of People and Organizational Performance, Americas
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Helen is the head of People and Organizational Performance, Americas, and partner, Health and Life Sciences in our New York office.

She has extensive experience across varied sectors, from healthcare, aviation, and technology to media and entertainment, financial services, and government. She helps clients recognize and adapt to the challenges and disruption around the next bend and has advised senior executives and boards on strategic planning, operations, and talent.

Before her management consulting career, she held roles as an assistant economist at the Federal Reserve, a journalist for a national newspaper, a nanny, and a volunteer at a crisis hotline. These diverse experiences have equipped Helen for her current role.

Helping executives transform their organizations means taking the long view, choosing your battles wisely. It also means being a good listener, hearing what they are not saying, as much as what they are saying

A turning point in Helen’s life was the birth of her children, which made her focus on building a more sustainable, balanced, and interesting career. She decided to focus on health and life sciences, where she helps C-suite executives across the healthcare ecosystem transform their businesses to become more consumer-centric and oriented around value-based care.

Helen believes, for clients who are leaders in the industries they serve, turning the ship towards a different destination requires patience, persistence, consistency, and deep reservoirs of empathy to help them see why a particular change makes sense.