Heiyab Tessema
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Heiyab is a partner in Oliver Wyman’s Digital Practice, where he helps clients address their trickiest business problems using technology. He has over a decade of innovative product management and technical delivery experience across healthcare, financial services, retail, and the public sector.

Having been an environmental engineer, I’m equally passionate about solving problems and impacting the world in a net positive way. Cracking the “hardest” problems isn’t enough; we should also seek out the “right” ones—those that create cascades of meaningful impact

At Oliver Wyman, Heiyab has directly led the design, development, and roll-out of numerous large-scale agile software projects for clients across North America and Europe. His teams have crafted and embedded solutions that run the gamut of process digitization, data pipelining, advanced analytics, and intuitive user interaction—all in support of improving outcomes in a smarter way.

Heiyab also advises clients who find themselves needing to innovate and deal with market or internal constraints simultaneously, on how to successfully deliver user-centric technical solutions. This includes coaching clients seeking to effectively establish and scale their own agile capabilities.

Outside of work, Heiyab is passionate about mentorship and bridging the equity gap for underrepresented communities inside and outside of technology. He’s also a big sports fan—playing, watching, and debating is how he decompresses.

Heiyab completed his studies at Dartmouth College and holds certifications in Scrum and AgilePM.

I love building. Whether it be solutions and teams at the organizational level—or morale and empowerment at the individual level—building always feels noble. I may have traded in my blueprints and hardhat for a product backlog and keyboard, but I’ll never stop being a builder