Haseeb Durani
Lead Data Scientist
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Haseeb is a lead data scientist in Oliver Wyman’s Digital Practice, based in our New York office.

In the field of data science, Haseeb believes in the synergy of technology and human-centric approaches. He has specialized in harnessing data to drive strategic transformation and incisive business solutions. This philosophy informs his approach and drives his pursuit of innovation that resonates on a human level.

The true power of data lies not just in the numbers, but in understanding the stories they tell and the people they impact

Before joining Oliver Wyman, Haseeb held key roles in leading firms, including Cambridge Analytica, where his expertise was instrumental in translating complex data narratives into actionable insights. His proficiency in data analytics contributed to shaping health outcomes and retention models at top-tier institutions during his time at DataRobot. His tenure at Cedrus Digital showcased his leadership in accelerating customer service through an innovative expert search platform.

With a strong educational foundation in the sciences, Haseeb combines a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from NYU Tandon School of Engineering with a foundational Bachelor of Science in Biology/Chemistry from Saint John’s University. This unique blend of life sciences and data mastery equips him to approach problems with a multidimensional perspective that champions both precision and ingenuity.

When stepping away from algorithms and analytics, Haseeb is an avid enthusiast of the concrete and the tangible. From investing in real estate to the hands-on satisfaction of DIY home renovations and the thrill of motorcycles (particularly Harley Davidson) he embraces the balance of high-octane hobbies and the meticulous nature of his profession.