Gordon Rudow
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Gordon is a Partner based in Oliver Wyman’s San Francisco office, where he helps lead the firm’s People And Organizational Performance practice.

A recognized expert on organizational strategy and implementation, Gordon is a keynote speaker, workshop leader, and strategic facilitator. He has over 25 years of experience in employee engagement, organizational change, internal branding, and communications. Working across a range of industries, he leverages his experiences from sector to sector, with a special passion and emphasis on health and life sciences.

I started my career in the world of art and design, and revel in the lessons that we find across disciplines. More than ever, I am applying insights from research on parenting and relationships, from natural systems theory to the wisdom of the human body

Throughout his career, Gordon has worked with many of the world’s leading brands, helping them implement initiatives and build strong cultures to enhance their business performance.

I’ve always believed that our work as consultants is a careful balance of experience and outside perspective, along with deep listening to the energetics of the client organization, providing methods for the genius of both leaders and employees to come to life and guide the path forward

Outside of work Gordon spends much of his free time with his family, in contemplative practice, doing yoga, and enjoying the outdoor life and culinary bounty of the Bay Area.