Garett Bugda
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Garett is a director in our People and Organization Performance Practice, specializing in People-Led Change. He joined Oliver Wyman in 2022, bringing more than 20 years of experience as a solution design and facilitation expert. 

As a visual designer, customer experience strategist and facilitator, Garett has worked across all industries, and is an expert in helping leaders craft clear goals, develop activation campaigns and achieve aspirations.

Curiosity is the key to helping people unlock their trickiest problems. I ask the questions everyone else won’t, or can’t, so that together we can move forward with purpose

His work is grounded in the tenants of design thinking, group dynamics, behavior economics, and organizational psychology. He combines principals from hospitality, theater and management consulting to help organizations design, activate and embed people-led change.

When helping organizations thrive in ever-present change, Garett focuses on three critical components: articulating clear purpose, aligning leaders, and helping teams work together to realize mutual success. This develops skills and capabilities necessary to quickly diagnose problems, invite perspectives to fuel innovation, craft stories to sell big ideas, and to become more agile in their approach.

In his free time, Garett enjoys playing the ukulele. He is a self-published children’s author, under the pseudonym Dixon Garett. He loves old typewriters, knolling LEGO, indoor rock climbing, and writing a blog called Two Dummies.