Frank Roberts
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Frank is a principal in our Energy and Natural Resources Practice, with a specialization in the chemicals and building materials markets.

His primary focus is on helping clients in achieving sustainable revenue growth and margin expansion through commercial excellence transformation. He strongly believes in the importance of gaining a deep understanding of a client’s business at both a human and technical level to make a significant impact. This could involve spending time in the field with a roofing contractor installing a single-ply roof or dedicating a weekend afternoon brushing up on the scientific literature that forms the foundation of a client’s business.

In his work on commercial excellence transformation, Frank adopts a pragmatic approach to maximize the value of data and analytics. He recognizes both the limitations and strengths of advanced analytics and guides clients away from pursuing unrealistic objectives. Instead, he concentrates on identifying practical solutions that enhance a business's visibility into performance and its decision-making processes.

Predictions and models are important inputs for building a winning strategy, but they are not sufficient on their own. We've seen clients' businesses achieve the best success when they combine data and analytics with a qualitative understanding of the business's capabilities, assets, and culture

Frank holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Chicago. While a lifelong Midwesterner, he has spent a significant amount of time studying and working in the UK, Germany, and Austria. Frank and his family enjoy solving crossword puzzles, playing pickleball, and eating deep-dish pizza.