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Dean Faulkner
Partner, Head of Engineering
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Dean leads the Architecture & Engineering capability, based in our London office. He has a breadth of technical experience amassed over the last 15 years across all areas of the technical specialisms and has built high-performing teams working in product and consulting contexts. As a former partner of digital product agency, Draw Group, acquired by Oliver Wyman in 2018, he brings a mix of technical and business leadership capabilities. His focus in recent years has been digital transformation, where he has held key technical leadership roles.

I help colleagues and firms find ways to grow themselves so that we can make the world a better place together, one step at a time. Impact is not made overnight — it is a series of breakthrough moments.

Dean’s expertise covers three areas: technology-based transformation, launching new products and capabilities, and modernizing operating models. In his own words, transforming technology to unlock efficiencies and reduce risk is like rebuilding a plane while it's flying. This is how he sees his role in helping global financial services institutions smoothly rearchitect and transform their entire technology landscapes.

Launching new products and capabilities enables new business models and allows clients to grow into new markets. There is a delicate balance of setting the right ambition to progress effectively without biting off more than you can chew. Dean has a proven track record in designing, building, and launching innovative products in sectors such as banking, healthcare, fast-moving consumer goods, and luxury goods.

Modernizing operating models is a way to rapidly reduce the time to market period, increase quality and reliability, and bring transparency and predictability. This involves assistance in re-structuring or building teams from scratch and deploying or evolving core processes and working practices.

Dean is also an experienced workshop and design thinking facilitator, working in close collaboration with clients to develop strategies by provoking them to go beyond their tried-and-tested ways of thinking and encouraging them to engage in meaningful conversations.

I bring collaborative methods into more traditional spaces to help my clients understand how business and technology can intertwine.

The state-of-the-art co-creation approach employed by Dean when solving problems benefits not only big companies but also smaller organizations and charities. His recent experience includes a large bank’s risk function review and redesign, design and technical leadership of a patient referral system for a UK private hospital group, and advising across technical strategy, operating models, vendor recommendation, and due diligence for major greenfield bank projects.

People come to me after workshops to say this was the best meeting they have ever had. Moments like this mean the world to me — they prove that we have achieved something together.