Dean Addis
Partner, 8works
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Dean is one of the global leaders of 8works, Oliver Wyman’s People-Led Change Capability. He has spent the last 15 years working with some of the world’s biggest and best companies to engage them in transforming their businesses.

Fundamentally I believe that people own what they have had a hand in designing. For this reason, I’ve always brought a co-creative mindset to transformation, because in reality most transformations fail to deliver. More often than not, this is down to a lack of ownership

Throughout his career, Dean has enjoyed working with clients across a wide range of different industry sectors from technology giants, to energy and utilities, defense, and financial services. Most of this work has been focused on helping leaders catalyze transformation either at the start of the journey, or often, when they need to get it back on the rails. His role is to work with those leaders and their teams to define a really clear vision of success and a route map to get them there. Equally he helps them to activate the vision in the organization so that their people are both committed and able to make it a success.

My approach to life and work is pretty down to earth. People are people after all. Whether it is volunteering with a charity, advising the board of a major company, or helping my kids work through the process of growing up, the basic need for purpose and to feel part of something bigger unites a lot of the challenges we face. I‘ve always felt very fortunate to do what I do with our clients and I get a lot of energy from seeing them move past their problems