Davide Romeo
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Davide, a partner in the Finance and Risk Management Practice, supports leading Italian and European banks, as well as central banks.

His expertise lies in enhancing risk management practices and optimizing the allocation of financial resources, with a specific emphasis on credit risk, climate risk and stress testing.

Since completing his studies in economics and finance, Davide has dedicated his career to the field of consulting. The appeal to strategic consulting stemmed from the potential to generate tangible impact for esteemed companies and institutions.

Consulting requires energy and motivation but offers a lot of reward. What I find exciting about consulting at Oliver Wyman is the ability to work effectively across all levels of organizations. We help generate tangible impacts for our clients, through in-depth market knowledge, and with a rigorous, fact-based, and analytical-quantitative approach to problem-solving

Davide's portfolio boasts remarkable achievements, including providing vital support to major European banks in transforming their credit risk measurement capabilities, effectively deploying capital, and evolving internal models according to international best practices.

With extensive experience in conducting asset quality reviews and stress testing exercises, Davide has collaborated not only with leading European banks but also with central banks and national and supranational European authorities. His most recent focus revolves around the evolving landscape of credit and stress testing, particularly within the realms of net-zero initiatives and ESG/climate perspectives.

For Davide, achieving peak performance at work necessitates the ability to disconnect. In fact, he loves traveling and having fun with his family, and since he welcomed his third child, he thinks that the time to dedicate to loved ones is never enough.