Davide Furlan
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Davide, who is based in Milan, has spent the past decade supporting leading European banks, wealth managers, and insurers in key areas such as business strategy, business models’ review, commercial effectiveness, and digital transformation.

The most gratifying aspect of consulting is being able to leave a lasting and measurable impact—enabling the development of new internal capabilities and strong cultural changes, setting the foundation for a value-based culture, and promoting the use of advanced analytics in decision-making processes

He began his consulting career directly after graduating university. “My first mentor taught me the importance of setting clear frameworks to approach and manage complex problems in a very structured way,” says Davide. “I also used to figure skate, which is a very challenging sport where precision is key. This fostered in me the pursuit of excellence and attention to details.”

Known for simplifying complex issues, enabling easy communication, and shaping actionable frameworks, Davide is sought out by clients for his ability to provide a fresh, innovative point-of-view on managing complex projects with several stakeholders. “Recently, my work with clients has involved developing innovative value propositions and business models, especially in credit, bank assurance, and wealth management,” he adds.

Among the key opportunities that lie ahead for clients, Davide sees incredible value in the ability to capture a growing amount of available data. Capitalizing on this will require going through an effective digital transformation to enhance the operating models, and offer competitive services in line with the Big Tech’s promises.

Outside of the office, Davide is aiming to launch an entrepreneurial venture in his hometown, targeting services to families and children. “With the birth of my daughter less than two years ago and the twins coming shortly, I find that my priorities have changed,” says Davide. “I now organize my work-life and think about the future quite differently.”