David Kaufmann
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David is a Partner in our Operations and Manufacturing Industries practices. He specializes in helping clients make better decisions in areas related to productivity and performance combining expertise in fields such as purchasing, product cost down (PCD) or supply chain.

David is convinced that the sustainable and truly transformative success of a project can only be achieved by taking into consideration culture and ways of working. Aside from his operations experience David holds a certification in Executive Coaching, focusing on change management and team coaching.

Working on levers and impact will get you so far, but it is critical to ensure you aren’t underestimating the human side of transformation. A happy culture is the cornerstone of success.

From consumer goods, to chemicals, and distribution, David has partnered with clients across multiple industries and geographies to look at how they can improve efficiently and find sustainable ways to optimize costs and generate incremental value.

David also studied history, which he believes adds an extra dimension to his problem-solving skills:

History shows us important patterns, many of which can be reapplied to the current area’s workplace. When it comes to overcoming challenges, studying history has taught me the importance of stepping back and refocusing my perspectives.