Daniel Ludwin
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Daniel Ludwin is a Principal in Oliver Wyman’s Energy and Operations practices. His teams focus on corporate strategy, sustainability, large program transformations, work management performance, and digital enablement. He works with electric and gas utilities as well as infrastructure and heavy asset companies across the US and Canada. His teams have helped drive sustainable earnings' improvements at several of the largest North American regulated utilities.

He holds an MBA from the University of Toronto, is a past civil engineer, and still makes math jokes occasionally. He has also operated in small market investment banking and not-for-profit environmental consulting.

Daniel is deeply passionate about the energy transition opportunity and excited about the challenges it brings. 

Trying to be part of a future that the whole world needs and is not just about one company changing, especially when that future is difficult to chart, is possibly the best task to be wrestling with alongside my clients. It's a pleasure to continue to do so.

He has led multiple initiatives and workshops on various topics, such as maintenance transformation and performance improvement, transformational technologies exploration, and spin-off implementation.

In his free time, Daniel learns about other people’s hobbies and passions and tries them himself.