Damien Renaudeau
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Damien is a partner in our Insurance and Asset Management Practice, based in Toronto. He assists leading insurers in strategizing and transforming their business models to adapt to changing customer expectations, competitive environments, and market conditions.

He began his journey with Oliver Wyman as an intern in our Financial Services Practice in France, before rapidly specializing in the insurance industry. A few years ago, he relocated to Canada to support the development of the practice there.

Oliver Wyman, with its global scale and highly international operating model, has been a perfect fit for Damien. With more than 18 years at the firm, he has had the opportunity to work in various geographies, exposing him to different cultures and clients. This experience has continually challenged him, pushing him beyond his comfort zone.

The insurance industry is fascinating. Despite often being misunderstood and occasionally suffering from a negative reputation, it plays a crucial role in our society. For many years, the industry was slow to transform itself, but over the past decade there’s been a significant acceleration — and I believe this is just the beginning

Damien holds a Master’s Degree from ESCP Business School, and studied in France, the UK, and Germany. This encouraged him to pursue a career with significant international exposure. Damien also had the honor of being acknowledged by L’Autre Cercle’s LGBTQ+ Role Models initiative in France in 2021 for his role and contribution within Oliver Wyman. Considering that increasing the visibility of LGBT+ leaders in the workplace is an essential step toward demonstrating that individuals can feel free to be themselves and succeed professionally, Damien continues to actively promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Outside of work, Damien is an avid trekker and adventurer. In particular, two expeditions in Greenland have reminded him of the beauty but also the fragility of the world we live in.