Coen Degen
Partner and Head of Financial Services, Netherlands
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Based in the Netherlands, Coen is a partner and leads our Financial Services Practice.

With a focus on strategy work, he collaborates with banks, insurers, and market infrastructure providers. He has a particular passion for risk management, capital markets and complex transformations.

His journey at the firm began in Frankfurt during the peak of the global financial crisis, an experience that solidified his belief in the importance of risk management. Since then, he has been dedicated to supporting financial institutions in navigating their core challenges and crises.

The financial services industry has the power to shape economies, empower individuals, and drive global progress — it is a key enabler in almost every societal and environmental transformation we would like to achieve

Over the past 15 years, Coen’s focus gradually shifted towards the Dutch financial services industry. He played a pivotal role in establishing the Amsterdam office and building the first generation of local consultants.

Outside of work, Coen cherishes his time with his family. Recently, he returned from a multi-year parental leave, during which he prioritized creating lasting memories with his two daughters and supporting his partner in achieving her next professional milestone.