Borko Handjiski
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Borko is a partner in our Government and Public Institutions Practice, based in the United Arab Emirates.

With over 20 years of experience in public policy, finance, and economics, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. Borko has developed a deep understanding of the public sector in the region, having served as a trusted advisor to governments and businesses both locally and globally.

Throughout his career, Borko has fostered collaboration with government entities on economic, fiscal, and social matters. He has established himself as a go-to person for topics related to economic development.

Collaboration is at the heart of effective change. By working hand-in-hand with governments and businesses, we can drive sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all

With a diverse background in international organizations, including the World Bank and the European Commission, Borko brings invaluable insights and perspectives on global public policy developments to the region's leadership. He plays a pivotal role in shaping the agenda for accelerated sustainable development.

Borko's dedication to fostering economic development goes beyond his professional work. He is passionate about technology and has co-founded two startups. He also serves on the board of a Finnish gaming startup and the largest economic development non-profit organization in North Macedonia.

Borko holds an MBA in Finance from Purdue University and a BA in Economics. Currently, he is writing a book aimed at empowering public sector leaders with practical tools for effective organizational management.

In his free time, Borko enjoys spending time with his family, particularly his three young children. He also engages in various sports activities such as skiing, squash, padel, and triathlons. Additionally, he is an avid reader, focusing on topics related to economics, technology, and personal development.