Bobby Gibbs
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Bobby is known for cracking tough problems and creating sustainable solutions that help his clients weather uncertainty.

In addition to more than a decade in consulting, Bobby draws from his experience serving as interim Vice President of Pricing and Promotions at a $5B specialty retailer.  With expertise across customer connectivity, e-commerce expansion, business model design, commercial program development, and the application of machine learning techniques in service of the above, Bobby works to equip his clients with the knowledge and resources they need to find success in adversity. He brings a high level of dedication to every project he joins and remains focused on the future to actively preparing his clients for the reinvention of retail.

Retail is currently grappling with the aftermath of an unexpectedly rapid acceleration of digitalization in the face of what was already a period of high disruption. It is challenges like these that fuel consultants to dig deeper to find solutions

Bobby is committed to his craft and is known for providing consulting services that aid clients in developing strong customer propositions and improve retail capabilities. He works with senior leaders to make programmatic changes in how they deliver value across mass and personalized levers, in turn helping brands deploy better analytics and insights, and empowering them to make better day-to-day decisions.

The key to success in consulting is asking good questions and listening thoughtfully to the answers

Aside from being a diligent consultant, Bobby is passionate about supporting his community. He holds a leadership role in several Dallas charitable organizations, where he adapts the same kind of strategic thinking he employs in his work to the non-profit involvement. Bobby has a Bachelor of Arts in Classics from Yale University.