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Bill Rennicke
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In the mid-sixties, Bill started in the rail industry as a freight brakeman for the bankrupt New Haven railroad. Now, after a career spanning five decades, Bill’s been at the forefront of railway advisory activities for both private and government-owned railways, and is now a Partner in both Oliver Wyman’s Transportation and Corporate Finance practice.

With a passion for transportation and a love for the complexity of the rail industry, Bill can still operate a locomotive and has loved watching the development of the global transportation industry throughout his career:

Working as a freight brakeman was a great entry to the industry and gave me perspectives I still rely on today. It's been amazing to watch the way the industry has come on since I started working in 1965 – the railroad privatization and restructuring work in Eastern Europe, South Africa and South America made such a contribution to providing the society with a more effective and higher performing transport systems. I'm proud to have been a part of that.

Bill is adept at restructuring and organizational redesign to improve both financial and operating performance of railways around the world. For him, one moment that stands out was rescuing the Mexican rail industry from being sold for a single US dollar:

After implementing a major public railroad restructuring in South America, we opened the bids and the railroad was sold for almost $3 billion. That was one of the moments in my career that really mattered.